A Valiant Life - Chapter 1236 - One more yesterday

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Chapter 1236: One more yesterday

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The next morning in China.

News articles appeared on the internet.

“A song completely mesmerises the crowd and judges”

“Wu Huan Yue performs really well and deserves all the praise”

“Jin Can has a minor screw up but does well”

“Wu Huan Yue and Jin Can move to the next round”

“Master Lin’s song astounds”

A lot of netizens did not stay up due to work. However, they were stunned after reading the news.

“D*mn, they made it.”

“If not for the time difference, I would have watched it.”

“Hahaha, who said that Master Lin does not know how to write English songs? Look at this. Does it smack your face hard enough?”

“That’s impressive. Master Lin is amazing.”

“You should go listen to Wu Huan Yue’s song. It’s really amazing. I stayed up to watch the broadcast.”

The discussions online went wild.

Wang Ming Yang was ecstatic when he read the news.

He trusted Lin Fan a lot, and Lin Fan did not disappoint at all. He had succeeded again.

A lot of people had stayed up to watch the broadcasts. Nobody had uploaded any streams online yet. The rest of them could only watch it from the broadcasting platform.

The competition continued to the next day.

Since Wu Huan Yue had already performed the day before, she was not nervous at all today.

Lin Fan said, “Huan Yue, look at how relaxed you are.”

“Of course. As a singer, how can I be nervous? I’ve made ample preparations,” Wu Huan Yue said.

She wanted to do her best for the performance tonight.

The four judges were waiting patiently and discussing the performances.

“I wonder what kind of song Wu Huan Yue will be singing. I’m really looking forward to it,” Abigail said. She really liked the performance yesterday.

“I’m looking forward to Boll’s masterpiece actually,” said Ralph.

At the same time, the singers on stage were mostly singing old classics. There were still some new songs that sounded decent though.

The performers went up on stage one by one.

The performers sounded even better than the day before.

Jin Can went on stage and performed really well. However, she still lacked a bit of quality compared to the other performers.

She probably knew what the final result was going to be, but she did her best. She decided to resign herself to fate and see what her ranking was going to be.

“It’s over.” That was the only sentence Zheng Ya said when Jin Can returned to the room.

Director Zhang was stunned. “What does that mean?”

Zheng Ya did not say anything much. Their opponents were really capable, and it was difficult enough to make it to this stage.

She had done her best, but it was not possible to beat the other opponents.

At that moment, the crowd applauded loudly.

It seemed like they were welcoming something.

Lin Fan said, “Huan Yue, it’s your turn. All the best.”

“Yeah.” Wu Huan Yue nodded. Meanwhile, Yang Qian seemed as if she was praying.

When Wu Huan Yue appeared on stage, everyone clapped even louder. They really liked the song that she had sung yesterday. They had not expected a Chinese singer to be able to sing so well.

Furthermore, the song was also a masterpiece on its own.

When Abigail had left the venue, she had been looking forward to Wu Huan Yue’s performance today. She had really liked Wu Huan Yue’s performance.

This time, Wu Huan Yue was not nervous at all. She was completely calm and seemed to be in a better state than yesterday.

Zhao Zhong Yang did not want to lose focus on her. He quickly pointed his camera at her.

The netizens in the broadcast were looking forward to it too.

“It’s finally Wu Huan Yue’s turn. I’ve prepared some melon seeds and drinks.”

“I just cleaned out my ears. I have to listen to this carefully.”

“Stop talking. It’s going to start.”

Then, the music started to play. The four judges were really looking forward to it.

When Wu Huan Yue started to sing, the four judges looked shocked.

It was another classic song.

Although they only heard a few lines, they could already tell from the tune and the lyrics.

At that moment, the crowd closed their eyes and slowly basked in the melody of the song.

“How can it be? How can Master Lin compose so many classics?”

Zheng Ya was stunned. The first song sounded amazing, and the second one was even better.

His songs could not be compared to Master Lin’s. He did not stand a chance at all.

Director Zhang saw the change in Zheng Ya’s facial expression. He was stunned. He knew that something was wrong.

He had not expected Lin Fan to be able to write such wonderful songs.

At the same time, he knew that they were going to lose this time.

“Master Lin, you’re too good,” Yang Qian said to Lin Fan. She did not know what to say anymore.

The two incredible songs were both written by Master Lin.

Wu Huan Yue was singing beautifully on stage. It was incredibly good.

Lin Fan chuckled. “It’s not me. All the credit should go to Huan Yue. She is an amazing singer.”

The four judges were mesmerised once again.

They felt that this Chinese singer had the ability to induce sadness in people through music. It was something that they had never experienced before.

When the beautiful song was about to end, Wu Huan Yue’s voice slowly faded.

When it ended, everyone clapped.

“Amazing, it’s really amazing.”

“Oh my, it’s the best song I’ve heard this year.”

“I can’t believe this song was sung by a Chinese singer. If I did not witness it myself, I would not believe it.”

“It’s awesome. What’s the name of the song? I would like to make it my ringtone.”

The crowd was ecstatic.

Wu Huan Yue replied, “It’s called ‘One More Yesterday’.”

Abigail loved the song and replied ecstatically, “Is it also an original song?”

Wu Huan Yue nodded. “Yes.”

The four judges looked at each other and gasped. It was truly a shocking competition.

They were really interested in the composer too.

However, they did not want to show it during the competition. They wanted to find out more about it after the competition.

They were just one day away from the finals.

They felt that if Wu Huan Yue could maintain her standard, it was possible for her to win the championship.
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