A Valiant Life - Chapter 1235 - A perfect performance

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Chapter 1235: A perfect performanceTranslator:?Atlas Studios?Editor:?Atlas Studios

One had to listen closely to determine whether a song was good or bad. However, the beginning of the song was also very important.

When the music started playing, the four judges quieted down. They felt that the song was indeed pretty nice.

The soft humming was accompanied by the beats.

Wu Huan Yue closed her eyes for a moment. She just wanted to sing the song to the best of her ability without thinking about anything else.

She started singing from her heart, and it sounded amazing right from the first note.

“It’s so perfect.” Lin Fan knew that he succeeded when he heard her voice.

The beginning was perfect.

When the song was given to Wang Ming Yang, Lin Fan also had written down how the song should be sung.

The way she sang and the tune was spot on. At the same time, he wanted her to know the story behind the song.

In order to sing a song perfectly, she would have to “feel” the lyrics and understand the story.

The female judge, Abigail, closed her eyes and listened quietly as if she was mesmerised.

Ralph nodded and listened to the song closely. At the same time, he was stunned. He had never known that a Chinese could sing an English song so well.

At the changing room.

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Jin Can was shocked. She knew that she had lost. Wu Huan Yue had a nicer voice, and the song was a classic.

Those who did not know the lyrics could also feel the melancholy being expressed by the song.

“How can this be?” Zheng Ya was in disbelief. He did not believe that Master Lin could write a song like this.

Although Director Zhang did not really understand it, he could tell that it was extraordinary from looking at Zheng Ya’s expression.

When the song reached its climax, the crowd felt a rush of sadness as they stared at the singer on stage.

However, nobody said anything, as they did not want to ruin the atmosphere.

The song was really mesmerising.

When the song ended, many of the people in the crowd were still mesmerised.

The other singers were stunned when they heard the song. They had not expected a Chinese singer to be that good.

clap clap

There was a standing ovation. They had thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

They felt that her voice and the lyrics were perfect for each other.

They could also feel the sadness and melancholy.

Some of them were really affected, and they tried to hide their sadness.

The female judge, Abigail, applauded loudly. There was a big smile on her face, and she was really stunned by this song.

It was magical. She felt that the song should have been sung during the championship finals instead.

The other three judges also nodded and stood up while clapping.

They realised that this Chinese contestant was really good, and they were stunned by the song choice too.

Abigail took the microphone and asked, “May I know if this is an original song? I’ve never heard it before.”

“Yes, it’s an original song,” said Wu Huan Yue.

“That’s impressive,” Abigail gasped. It was as if she wanted to do a cover of the song too.

However, she controlled herself. Otherwise, she would have discussed the matter with the singer when the performance ended.

The viewers of the show and the netizens watching the broadcast started to discuss the song after hearing it.

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They were asking about the name of the singer and finding out about the songs that she had sung before.

It was because the song had moved them. They were really impressed.

Soon, they managed to find out who Wu Huan Yue was and the songs that she had sung before.

They were all in Chinese, but the foreigners felt that they were really nice to listen to even though they did not understand them.

In the broadcasting room.

Zhao Zhong Yang said ecstatically, “Bros, tell me how it was!”

He was really excited. He had not expected Wu Huan Yue to sing so well.

The netizens hurriedly donated presents.

“6666… It was magical.”

“Yeah, I was mesmerised by it. It’s so unexpected.”

“Although I don’t know what it meant, it sounded amazing.”

“Wu Huan Yue is unbeatable. That was a huge surprise.”

“I feel that Master Lin is too overpowered. It’s written by him, and we’ve been doubting his abilities. How did he even write such an amazing song?”

“Yeah, I’m excited to see what’s to come. I wonder how the songs written by Master Lin will sound like. I think Master Lin is so talented. All the songs that he wrote sound amazing.”

The netizens started discussing excitedly. Although many of them did not know much about the song, they really liked it.

It sounded much better than a lot of other English songs.

Zheng Ya had written a few songs for Jin Can, but when he heard Wu Huan Yue’s song, he realised that it was on a different level.


Zheng Ya wanted to leave immediately. He knew that he had lost.

He knew how well Wu Huan Yue had performed.

It was simply magnificent.

In the changing room.

Lin Fan smiled and gave Wu Huan Yue a hug. “That was awesome, really awesome.”

Wu Huan Yue heaved a sigh of relief. It felt as if the heavy burden on her shoulders disappeared.

“Brother Lin, really?”

Lin Fan nodded. “Yeah. Didn’t you hear the applause? If you didn’t sing well, why did they clap so loudly? That was perfect.”

“Impressive, really impressive.” Fraud Tian did not know much about singing, but he also felt that the song was well performed.

Wu Huan Yue chuckled. “That’s great. As long as I did not sing badly, everything’s great.”

It was a relieving moment for Wu Huan Yue. She felt great.

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