A Valiant Life - Chapter 1234 - The nervousness before going on stage

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Chapter 1234: The nervousness before going on stageTranslator:?Atlas Studios?Editor:?Atlas Studios

In the broadcasting room.

Although it was past midnight in China, many of the netizens were still watching the broadcast intently.

“What the f*ck, that was scary. Jin Can almost messed up. I didn’t expect her to finish the song.”

“F*ck, if she didn’t even sing, it would have been really embarrassing.”

“Hey, that’s weird. I heard someone cheering her on earlier. It sounded like Master Lin’s voice.”

“That’s impossible. Why would Master Lin cheer Jin Can on? You must have heard it wrongly.”

“That’s correct. It was Master Lin.” Zhao Zhong Yang admitted it and the netizens were stunned.

“Why did he cheer her on?”

“Can anyone please explain?”

“I don’t understand why he would do that. Did he shout wrongly?”

“I think Master Lin just didn’t want Jin Can to embarrass us. After all, she’s representing our country.”

“^ D*mn, that makes sense.”

At that instant, the broadcasting room went wild. They were discussing Master Lin’s class act.

In the changing room.

“What happened earlier? Why were you speechless?” Director Zhang looked a little displeased. He was clearly disappointed.

He was not even expecting her to win an award. He just wanted her to do better than Wu Huan Yue.

“Sorry, Director Zhang, I was too nervous just now,” Jin Can said. She wanted to tell him that Master Lin had cheered her on earlier, but she decided to remain silent.

If she were to say that, it might cause other problems.

However, she felt that Master Lin deserved to be respected. Although she had something against Wu Huan Yue, she should not have anything against him.

“What’s the likelihood of her making it to the next round now?” Director Zhang asked Zheng Ya. He felt that it was unlikely for her to make it.

Zheng Ya replied, “It’s hard to say. Jin Can did pretty well. If the judges deduct points from her screw up, we will have to let fate decide.”

It was really difficult to judge, and there were quite a lot of singers. Furthermore, they were all professionals.

Hence, they had to depend on luck.

“Hmm, as long as Wu Huan Yue loses, it doesn’t matter,” Director Zhang said. He just wanted Master Lin to be embarrassed. He was not interested in winning any awards.

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Jin Can just stood there quietly.

The competition continued, and the singers were really good. Although Lin Fan did not understand the songs, he could feel the atmosphere. It was something that only beautiful melodies could create.

Wu Huan Yue was taking deep breaths with her fingers crossed. She seemed a little nervous.

“Huan Yue, are you nervous?” Lin Fan asked. He knew that it was normal to be nervous. After all, the singers there were professionals.

“Yeah, a little. I’m trying to fight it.” As it got closer to her turn, she felt even more nervous.

Initially, she was not that nervous, but as each singer finished their performance, she started to feel the pressure.

knock knock

The staff knocked on the door and spoke in English. Although they did not really understand him, they knew what he meant.

It was Wu Huan Yue’s turn.

“Huan Yue, all the best.” Lin Fan patted Wu Huan Yue’s shoulders.

Fraud Tian also wished her luck. “You can do it.”

Wu Huan Yue nodded and took a deep breath before leaving. She was prepared to give it her all.

In the broadcasting room.

“D*mn, it’s Wu Huan Yue’s turn.”

“I can’t wait. I wonder what she will be singing.”

“I just know that the songs were written by Master Lin. I believe in him, and I know it will be great.”

“That’s hard to say. Although I believe in Master Lin too, we can only find out after hearing the songs.”

“Brother Yang, you gotta do your best. You have to make sure we get to see Wu Huan Yue perform.”

Zhao Zhong Yang replied, “Bros, don’t worry. I will definitely do my best.”

“Let’s just donate some presents. It’s difficult for Brother Yang to be broadcasting this for us.”

“Yeah, let’s donate some presents guys.”

Suddenly, the broadcasting room was filled with presents.

Other broadcasters wondered why their viewership rates were so low. They were stunned.

However, when they saw that Zhao Zhong Yang’s broadcast had a few million fewers, they were shocked. That was impressive.

When they clicked on it, they just decided to stop their own streams and watch his broadcast instead.

Wu Huan Yue walked on stage.

The crowd began chattering a little again. After all, they had already seen an Asian singer earlier.

Although the previous one had performed well, she had made a small hiccup, and they all remembered it.

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Hence, they felt that this singer would not be great too.

The female judge, Abigail, started to discuss with Ralph. They were discussing Wu Huan Yue’s situation.

They had the information of all the singers in their hands.

They did not really know much about the industry in China. They had not expected two Chinese singers to be participating in this competition.

After all, this was the first time.

Perhaps they felt that these singers were there to see their standards.

Wu Huan Yue bowed to the four judges and spoke in fluent English. “I am Wu Huan Yue, and I’m from China. I’m going to sing ‘Because of You’.”

Abigail realised that she was much more steady than the previous Asian singer. She smiled and signalled for her to begin.

Wu Huan Yue took a deep breath.

Then, the music started to play.

At that instant, the four judges focused their attention on Wu Huan Yue.

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