A Valiant Life - Chapter 1233 - Don’t embarrass yourself

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Chapter 1233: Don’t embarrass yourselfTranslator:?Atlas Studios?Editor:?Atlas Studios

“Huan Yue, what’s your number?” Lin Fan asked.

Wu Huan Yue looked at her number tag and replied, “Twenty-five.”

“Oh, there’s still some time to your turn then. We don’t have to rush,” Lin Fan said.

At this moment, Zhao Zhong Yang came over with his phone. “Huan Yue, I’m on a broadcast now, and the netizens would like to cheer you on!”

Wu Huan Yue took the phone and looked at the camera. She said, “Hi everyone, I am Wu Huan Yue. Thank you for your support.”

The whole broadcasting room went wild.

“Enough talking, just donate presents now.”

“All the best! Bring back the championship crown.”

“Yeah, we will always support you.”

The netizens continuously gave presents while Zhao Zhong Yang was standing behind her. When he saw the large amount of presents, he was stunned.

“Thank you everyone! I will do my best!” Wu Huan Yue said.

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Lin Fan looked at the situation and smiled. It was a good idea for a broadcast so that Huan Yue could relax for a bit.

Suddenly, a voice could be heard from outside.

“Brother Lin, I’ll be heading outside for the broadcast.” Zhao Zhong Yang wanted to go to the venue to broadcast it live so that the netizens could have an idea of what was going on.

“Alright, go ahead.” Lin Fan nodded.

The host was speaking outside, but nobody could understand what he was saying.

However, they looked at the screen, and the situation was similar to competitions in China. There were four judges, and they were really famous and influential.

However, Lin Fan felt that there was no difference.

He looked at the screen and the judges, which consisted of two males and two females. They were in their forties. Although the competition had not started, the four judges were really excited.

After all, this was a competition between singers, and the quality this year was insanely good. As judges, it was normal for them to be ecstatic.

In another room.

Jin Can was beginning to be nervous. On the way to the room, she saw a handful of famous singers whose songs she had heard before.

Now that she saw these singers, she felt an immense pressure.

Zheng Ya looked at Jin Can and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jin Can shook her head, “Nothing.”

Although she did not say much, he could hear that she was nervous. However, there was no point in being nervous now.

ding dong

At this moment, the workers came over to let Jin Can know that she was the first singer to perform.

“That can’t be.” Jin Can looked at her number tag and realised it was really the number one. This made her even more nervous. She kept trying to calm herself down.

However, it was not very effective.

“Alright, it’s your turn. All the best,” Director Zhang said.

Jin Can nodded and took a deep breath before leaving the room. Then, she walked towards the stage.

There was a huge crowd, and they were there to listen to beautiful melodies.

When the first singer came out, they were stunned. They wondered why an Asian participant was there.

Even the four judges were stunned. They started to check their list of participants.

One of the judges with wavy hair was the famous singer Abigail. She asked, “Are you from China?”

Jin Can said nervously, “Yes.”

At that moment, the crowd laughed. It was uncommon to see Chinese people sing English songs. Hence, they felt that it was a little strange.

It would be the same if a foreigner were to sing Chinese songs too. The pronunciation would be a little off.

The male judge, Ralph, who was also a famous singer, said, “Let’s begin.”

The music started to play.

The netizens who were watching the broadcast watched intently.

“It’s starting. I didn’t expect Jin Can to be the first singer.”

“Although she is a little annoying, she’s still one of us. We should cheer her on.”

“Yeah, she can’t let us down. She has to do her best.”

The netizens did not want to speak further. They wanted to cheer her on.

At that moment, something went wrong.

As the music played, Jin Can stood there without opening her mouth.

“Stop!” Ralph said as he raised his hand. He furrowed his brows unhappily. He felt that this singer was a little under the weather and that the mistake was amateur.

Abigail was also in disbelief. She opened up her arms and looked around as if to say that something was wrong.

The crowd was also in disbelief. They seemed a little restless and started murmuring.

The chatter got to Jin Can, and her face turned pale as if she had been struck by a blow.

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In the changing room.

Director Zhang was stunned. “D*mn, what’s going on?”

Zheng Ya was also stunned. He had not expected this at all.

At that moment, Jin Can just stood on stage. All she could hear was chatter. She felt really helpless.

Suddenly, she heard something.

“Why are you daydreaming? Buck up and believe in yourself. Stop being nervous.”

Jin Can turned around to look at the crowd. She did not expect someone to be cheering her on.

It was Master Lin!

Although it was a little dark, she could still recognise his voice.

She did not expect Master Lin to be encouraging her at a time like this.

Then, she took a deep breath and spoke to the judges, “Sorry, can I please have another chance?”

The judges looked at each other and nodded.

In the guest room.

Fraud Tian was stunned. “How could you cheer her on?”

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders. “We’re overseas and we’re representing China. Rivalry doesn’t change that fact.”

Fraud Tian thought about it for a moment and replied, “That makes sense. If she screws up, although it would feel great, the foreigners would think of us differently.”

Lin Fan smiled and patted Wu Huan Yue on her shoulder. “Just do your best later.”

“I will,” said Wu Huan Yue.

At that moment, Jin Can started to sing, and it was pretty decent.

She pronounced the words correctly, and it was not awkward.

The four judges nodded, and the chatter among the crowd slowly vanished.

When she finished the song, everyone clapped.

“That’s great!” Lin Fan chuckled. “At least she did not let us down.”

knock knock

Someone knocked on the door.

When they opened it, they realised it was Jin Can standing outside.

Jin Can looked at Lin Fan and bowed. “Thank you, Master Lin.”

After expressing her gratitude, she left hurriedly.

Lin Fan smiled. Although it would have felt great to embarrass her, he did not want the foreigners to look down on China.

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