A Valiant Life - Chapter 1231 - Maybe they hired them

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Chapter 1231: Maybe they hired them

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Director Zhang did not want to bother with Master Lin’s indifference. He just left with the others.

Wang Ming Yang went forward and patted Lin Fan’s shoulders. “Bro, that was cool. That’s how you should treat people like him.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to talk. I just have a toothache,” Lin Fan said.

“I know, I know,” Wang Ming Yang replied. He did not want to expose him further.

“Huan Yue, all the best! Don’t let your efforts go to waste.”

Wu Huan Yue nodded. “I will do my best.”

“It’s time. We have to board the plane,” her agent, Yang Qian, said.

In a distance away.

Director Zhang was initially smiling, but he seemed gloomy now. “What Master Lin? He’s just a lousy crowd favourite. Jin Can, you don’t have to win the prize. You just have to beat Wu Huan Yue to avenge us.”

He was really unhappy. He had not expected Master Lin to be so cocky. He had wanted to greet him, but Lin Fan had spoken to him rudely.

“She’s lucky to have Master Lin who is a capable man that can write Chinese songs for her to become famous. If not for him, she wouldn’t even have achieved whatever she has today. This time, it’s English songs. How can his songs compare to what Teacher Zheng wrote for me?” Jin Can said with confidence.

As for the songs written by Master Lin, she did not really care about them. What was there to worry about? She felt that the songs would definitely not be as good as what Zheng Ya wrote even if she were to hire another writer.

Furthermore, it was impossible for Zheng Ya to know nothing about the writers of the songs since Zheng Ya was a prominent figure in the industry.

Zheng Ya smiled confidently. He was really confident of the songs that he wrote. He did not dare to claim that Jin Can would definitely win an award in the competition, but he felt that she would definitely have no problem suppressing Wu Huan Yue.

On the airplane.

Lin Fan and the others met Director Zhang and his group of friends again. However, they did not talk to each other at all.

In the United States.

When they arrived, Lin Fan felt a little uncomfortable. He did not understand what the people around them were talking about.

“Brother Lin, do you really not understand?” Zhao Zhong Yang asked sneakily.

Lin Fan replied, “Do you understand?”

Zhao Zhong Yang made some hand gestures and said, “I only understand a little bit.”

Yang Qian said, “Let’s head to the hotel.”

Most of them were there for the first time. Fraud Tian looked around. “What’s so special about this place? It looks like Shanghai.”

“Do you regret coming now?” Lin Fan asked.

“A little. I’m here to support Wu Huan Yue, so I’m not regretting anything at all,” Fraud Tian replied. Then, he continued looking around curiously.

When he arrived at the hotel.

Zhao Zhong Yang immediately went online to broadcast to the netizens.

“Oh d*mn, where is Brother Yang at?”

“Brother Yang, the hotel room looks amazing.”

“But something’s wrong. Why does it seem like it’s night time over there?”

Zhao Zhong Yang smiled. “Brothers, I’m in the United States. Look who is with me.”

When the camera was turned, the netizens saw Master Lin and were stunned.

“D*mn, Master Lin and Brother Yang are sharing a room. Is Brother Yang going to sell his body?”

“That’s a big piece of news. Let’s just start by donating some presents first.”

Zhao Zhong Yang looked at the screen helplessly. “Bros, what are you thinking? I’m not selling my body. I’m here with Master Lin and the rest to support Wu Huan Yue. You have to remember this. I will be broadcasting it live on the actual day of the competition.”


“D*mn, I’ll definitely be watching.”

“Wait, that’s weird. When Brother Yang is broadcasting it, won’t it be past midnight here? F*ck, are we all going to lose sleep to watch the broadcast?”

“Of course. What’s so good about sleep? The broadcast is so much more interesting.”

Zhao Zhong Yang took his phone and said, “Brothers, I’ll let you know the latest news. If it’s really past midnight in China, just watch it in the morning. This time, I really brought professional equipment here to stream at the highest quality possible. Look at what I brought…”

The camera shifted to the large bags beside him.

“666… Brother Yang is going to show his might.”

“Hahaha, I’m definitely going to watch the broadcast. Is anyone going to join me?”

“Me too.”

Lin Fan looked at Zhao Zhong Yang broadcasting so happily, so he did not want to bother him. Then, he walked to the other room.

Outside of China, Wu Huan Yue was not like her usual self. She covered herself well, and not many people could recognise her here.

“Huan Yue, are you nervous?” Lin Fan asked Wu Huan Yue as he saw her sitting anxiously in a corner.

Wu Huan Yue nodded. “Yeah, a little.”

Lin Fan patted Wu Huan Yue on her head. “Don’t be too nervous. Just treat it like any other competition when you’re on stage.”

“Okay.” Wu Huan Yue heaved a sigh. “I will condition myself.”

Yang Qian smiled after hearing that. Who said that celebrities would not be nervous? Huan Yue had conducted a few concerts overseas, but she was still a little nervous for this competition. It was amusing.

“Alright, Huan Yue, take a deep breath. It will be okay,” Yang Qian said as she sniggered.

“Sister Yang, are you laughing at me?” Wu Huan Yue asked.

“Nope, definitely not.” Yang Qian immediately waved her hand. However, she could not hide the smile on her face. Then, she burst out laughing. “Actually, you’ve had so many concerts before. How could you still be nervous? If your fans were to find out about it, they would definitely laugh at you.”

Soon, it was the day of the competition.

Wu Huan Yue was the best singer in China, and she would definitely attract a lot of attention in this competition. However, as it was hosted in another country, she did not have many fans here.

The other foreign celebrities entered the venue hurriedly with the help of the security guards.

“Master Lin…”

He heard familiar voices.

Lin Fan turned around and realised that it was a group of reporters.

“What brings you here today?” He asked in disbelief. They were all familiar reporters from Shanghai.

“We have to be here since you’re here. We literally spent the entire day to rush here for the news. Thank God we made it.” A reporter chuckled.

“You’re here to broadcast it?” Lin Fan asked.

The reporters shook their heads. “Nope, we’re here to interview you. We can’t enter the venue since we did not receive an invitation for it.”

Lin Fan chuckled. “Alright, let’s have an interview then. We will answer some questions since all of you travelled such a long way.”

In a distance away.

Jin Can looked at Wu Huan Yue who was being interviewed, and she was pretty unhappy about it.

“Did these reporters not notice me?” Director Zhang said unhappily.

Zheng Ya looked at them and replied, “Don’t worry. Those are small reporters. Perhaps they even bought them for publicity. Just do your best in the competition later.”

“Yeah.” Jin Can nodded confidently.
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