A Valiant Life - Chapter 1230 - : I’m very indifferen

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Chapter 1230: I’m very indifferentTranslator:?Atlas Studios?Editor:?Atlas Studios

The situation at the welfare institute left him feeling helpless.

It was his fault that the kids were too intelligent. They should not have eaten the Little Intelligence Pills. This had caused the teachers to become the students instead. The teachers had started to be taught by the kids there.

They were shocked by the state of the kids, and they were worried about their impact on the world in the future.

It was not a big deal to be well-read. However, they had become extremely intelligent because of the Little Intelligence Pill. They could pick up anything in no time. They did not need to worry about them at all.

The international competition was nearing.

It was slowly being reported again on the internet.

“There’s three more days to the competition. I wonder if the two participants will succeed.”

“Who knows? I heard Jin Can has been working very hard. Zheng Ya wrote a few songs for her, and there were really good. It’s not that far off from the international singers.”

“Are you kidding? How do you know?”

“^ Zheng Ya said it himself. He said these were written from his heart.”

“Another self-praising fella. Master Lin has been really low-key about it. He didn’t even brag about the songs that he wrote. The more you show off, the more unlucky you become.”

“What? Master Lin used to be a show off too.”

“Master Lin was a show off because he was really capable.”

“I think it’s a little unsafe for Wu Huan Yue this time. If Master Lin were to write Chinese songs, I think that she would do a great job. However, since it’s in English this time, it’s going to be a difficult task.”

Because of this, many people were arguing about it online.

“It’s coming soon!” Lin Fan realised that it was nearing after watching the news.

Wu Huan Yue called.

“Brother Lin, there’s three days left until the competition. Will you be there?” Wu Huan Yue was hoping that Brother Lin would go too.

“Of course, I have nothing to do anyway.” Lin Fan knew what Wu Huan Yue was thinking, and he knew that she wanted him to be there.

However, the competition was a form of training for Wu Huan Yue. If he went, perhaps Wu Huan Yue would perform even better.

“Really?” Wu Huan Yue was ecstatic. She had not expected Brother Lin to agree.

“Of course. I’ve never lied to anyone,” Lin Fan said and smiled. Wu Huan Yue felt as if she was dreaming upon hearing that Lin Fan was going.

That made him feel a little helpless.

They ended the call.

“Brother Lin, can we go too?” Zhao Zhong Yang asked. He really wanted to go have a look. Furthermore, it was a competition, and he wanted to livestream it.

After all, this type of competition was not commonly broadcasted in the nation. If he could do it, it would be really great.

Fraud Tian raised his hand. “I haven’t left this country before. I want to go too.”

“Sure, let’s go together then. Anyway, there’s nothing much happening here too.”

Since everyone wanted to go, he felt that it would be great for them to support Wu Huan Yue too. There were only two of their fellow Chinese nationals participating in the competition, and neither of them were not familiar with the place. If nobody supported them, they would be really lonely there.

They felt that it was necessary for them to be there and they had to gather more people there. However, it was pretty expensive. The amount of people from the shop was quite appropriate.

“Why should we rush? There’s three more days,” Lin Fan said.

“Brother Lin, how could we not be anxious about it? We have to leave by tomorrow so that we can familiarise ourselves with the place. We will definitely run into problems if we leave in three days,” Zhao Zhong Yang said.

“That’s true,” Lin Fan replied. He felt that what Zhao Zhong Yang said was logical.

The next day!

Just as Zhao Zhong Yang had said, Wu Huan Yue was preparing to leave.

Lin Fan only brought a few sets of clothes and Fraud Tian just wore his usual outfit. They arrived at the airport.

This time, Zhao Zhong Yang brought a lot of different things.

“Why did you bring so many things?” Lin Fan asked. He was stunned at the amount of things Zhao Zhong Yang brought.

“Brother Lin, these are my treasures that I need for broadcasting. I can’t miss out on any of them.” Zhao Zhong Yang looked really professional carrying those things.

Wu Huan Yue was ecstatic when she saw everyone who came. She really wanted to succeed.

“Bro, I can’t be there this time. Everything depends on you this time,” Wang Ming Yang said. Since the perfect artificial limbs had been doing really well, he was really busy.

As for the competition, he wanted to let Lin Fan handle it.

“Yeah, I know. I’m following them. There will be no problem,” Lin Fan said.

“I didn’t expect to meet Director Wang here,” a few people said as they walked over.

Wang Ming Yang looked at them and asked, “Wow, Director Zhang, what brings you here? Are you going too?”

Director Zhang smiled. “Of course. Jin Can is competing, and I have to be there as the boss. Furthermore, it’s not just me. Zheng Ya is going too. We want her to get the award.”

Lin Fan looked at the group of people. There was a lady wearing sunglasses. He guessed that that person was Jin Can. There was also a man standing there wearing a cap which covered his face. That was probably Zheng Ya.

“Master Lin, I have heard many great things about you.” Director Zhang looked at Lin Fan and greeted him politely. There was a hidden meaning behind all that politeness.

“Hmm,” Lin Fan replied indifferently. He was expected to reply politely too. However, he was someone that held grudges. Hence, he just greeted him coldly.

Director Zhang did not behave awkwardly at all. He just replied, “I heard Master Lin’s English is not very good, but you can still write English songs. It’s impressive.”

“Hmm,” Lin Fan replied coldly again. It seemed like he did not want to speak to him too much.

Zhao Zhong Yang covered his mouth and sniggered.

“It looks like Master Lin is a little indifferent,” Director Zhang said and smiled. However, there seemed to be a hidden meaning behind his smile. It was as if he was waiting for them to lose on competition day.

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