The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass - Chapter 287 - Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part X

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Chapter 287: Chapter 287. Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part X

Translator: Khan

Editor Group: Liber Reverie

The most appropriate place was to go to the school of commoners founded by Aria, as a principal. Although it was a commoner’s school, it was founded by the Crown Princess. No one could easily regard her, so all that was left was Sarah’s permission.

“But I have to look at the work of the Marquis family, so I’m not sure if I can make it.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. It’s enough to get a report and look around the kids. Rather, you’ll have more time than you have now.”

Of course, if Sarah really became the principal, she would be too busy not to be compared to a teacher at the academy, but Aria convinced her that she would never be.

“And Sarah’s about to have a baby, right? I’m sure Sarah’s kid would be proud to know that you are a principal who takes care of so many children.”

‘Sarah is going to have a baby sooner or later. No, it is a little later than expected.’

“It’s clear that not only Sarah’s child but also all the children in the capital will follow you like a mother. Sarah is the only one who can make them happy.”


Finally, as Aria touched the heart of Sarah who loves a child, her lips hardened.

She looked determined. Since it was also the best job for a woman to climb to the top, she would be greedy. What was more, she had dreamed of being a teacher since she was a child.

“… I get it. But I need my husband’s consent. I’ll tell him because I’ll have to vacate the house often.”

“Sure. Go ahead. I’m sure the Marquis of Vincent would be happy to accept it.”

As Aria said, the Marquis of Vincent didn’t refuse Sarah’s request, and it didn’t take much time before it became known that the headmaster of the school the Crown Princess had founded for the common people was the Marquise of Vincent.

* * *

“Your Highness the Crown Princess! Your Highness the Crown Princess! Look at the newspaper I brought!”

Now that it was time to stop her frivolous behavior, Annie, who appeared, panting with a quick step, handed Aria a newspaper. It was a newspaper that the common people read.

In the past, she had seen it often to predict the future, but since Hans had entered the academy, she hadn’t looked at it any further because there was no need to predict the future anymore.

‘What kind of news is there that you forget the aristocratic play and behave in an undignified manner?’ As Aria accepted the newspaper, Ruby, who was waiting nearby, furrowed her forehead.

‘The most respected figure for the common people is not the Emperor, but the Crown Princess!’

When she saw Aria read an article that decorated the center of the newspaper, Annie said with a rising smile, “It is natural, but no matter where I go these days, there’s nothing but a story about Your Highness the Crown Princess! All of the people are praising you for doing a good deed, and they are sure you are an angel from heaven.”

Annie kept on saying that the support for Aria was almost beyond the Emperor. She said something quite natural, though everyone knew it, even if she didn’t have to show it through the newspaper.

“I don’t think this is why you, a bride-to-be who should be busy preparing for the wedding, delay your schedule because of the hustle and bustle.”

Aria had even given Annie a vacation because she had looked very busy. So when Aria pointed this out sharply, Annie closed her mouth and rolled her eyes. She looked embarrassed because she was caught off guard, but she soon blushed and looked at Aria’s eyes because it had been a frequent occurrence.

“Actually… I came to see you so shamelessly for a favor.”

“What do you want?”

There was nothing new, but Aria asked back, putting the newspaper down on the table. It was expected. There was so much she needed for a wedding that she would need help with it.

“I’ve been wondering if you could introduce to me the designer you invested in last time. I’ve personally checked other designers, but it’s more expensive than I thought, and I don’t like their styles…”

Before the words were finished, Ruby opened her eyes wide, and Aria’s mouth went up.

“Ruby, show Annie what I’ve prepared.”

“Yes, yes.”

“What you’ve prepared for…?

Annie, who had a puzzled look, quickly followed Ruby’s hand gesture as to asking what she did instead of following her.

“I think Her Highness the Crown Princess knows you really well. That’s why she’s prepared it in advance.”

“… What do you mean…?”

Annie was going to ask Ruby, but she couldn’t talk because she reached her destination. No, Ruby opened the door and Annie could not keep on saying at the landscape that had unfolded.

“Oh, my God. What’s all this…?”

“That’s what Her Highness the Crown Princess has prepared for you two.”

Amazingly, Aria had ordered a dress from the designer in advance, judging that Annie would make such a request.

Annie, with her mouth wide open, looking at the room packed with dozens of dresses, slowly entered the room. They were all too colorful and beautiful compared to the dresses Annie had separately checked. ‘Aria has prepared all of these dresses !’ She was so moved that she could not speak.

“These are the dresses she ordered for you and Jessie to wear. If you choose a dress you like, the designer will adjust it to your size. She said you could take several dresses.”

“You are so blessed even if you are just a maid,” Ruby said quietly to herself.

‘You are right. I am so blessed even if I am just a maid. I was very good at choosing Aria after abandoning Mielle,’ Annie thought so a thousand times.

“Her Highness knew you’d come to ask her and prepared them a few days ago. However, I’ve never thought you’d come to ask her.”

‘How dare you? You are just a maid and a commoner.’

“You don’t recognize who you are,” Ruby complained several more times and quietly asked Annie, who was watching the dresses without caring what she said next to her, “… Is Her Highness the Crown Princess often give gifts to maids?”

“Of course. Do you ask for it while seeing what she’s prepared? I don’t even ask her if she’s not this kind of person in the first place. I have a sense of shame.”

‘I thought you were shameless.’

Ruby’s expression was changed at Annie’s reaction that it was not worth talking about. It was because she was also an opportunist like Annie. Aria’s devotion to the maids was too much to be seen or heard.

“… Really? What kind of maid does Her Highness the Crown Princess like?”

Ruby’s pride was hurt, but when she asked Annie how she would satisfy Aria’s mind, Annie answered frankly because there was nothing to hide.

“A maid who does her orders well.”

Ruby furrowed her forehead at such a simple and clear answer. “… That’s it?”

“Then what more could there be? You’ll know once you do it.”

“… It doesn’t seem like you’re doing a good job with her orders.”

‘How many times have you made mistakes when she assigned you to a reception job?’

When Ruby pointed this out, Annie pouted her mouth for a while and said that there was one thing she had missed.

“Ah, Her Highness the Crown Princess likes a maid who is good at what no one else would do.”

“What is it that no one would do?”

“Well, it’s hard to give an example. Well, you’ll find out when you get a chance, or maybe you’ll never know.”

Annie hummed and watched the dresses after leaving a meaningful comment. If she liked any dress, she called Ruby and told her to put it aside.

“I’m not your maid…!”

‘I am not, right?’ Ruby, who was about to get angry, closed her mouth, recalling the advice she just heard from Annie. She thought, ‘This would be something no one would do.’

“… I get it.”

Ruby, imagining the sweet price Aria would give, nodded silently. It was enough to make her take care of a humble maid from the common people.

Annie chose several dresses, and Ruby quietly followed her.

* * *

It was their marriage that remained because Aria had had a national marriage and adapted to the life of the Imperial Castle, and the future of Annie and Jessie had been guaranteed. They had deliberately delayed their marriage for Aria, and they took the wedding day as something really important to them.

It was Jessie who had a wedding first among them.
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