The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass - Chapter 283 - Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part VI

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Chapter 283: Chapter 283. Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part VI

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It was also a warning that she would be changed like a wicked woman of the rumor again at any time.

* * *

Since then, conversation with the noble ladies had become a very informative time for Aria. It was because she realized that no one would be making rash remarks anymore. On the surface, she still smiled benevolently, but as they noticed that every single word she uttered was giving them a big warning, there was no more talkative person, compared to the first meeting.

Aria showed unsparing kindness to the noble ladies, saying that she liked it. That was enough to deal with them.

Of course, there were some noble ladies who had been dissatisfied with the pressure on them, as soon as Aria, who had spent her days only in business, was crowned as the Crown Princess, but she knew the most effective way to control them.

“… By the way, I’ve reconsidered the documents that I’ve put off to adjust myself to the Imperial Castle for a while. I found a very interesting business there.”

It was information that would satisfy the noble ladies’ self-interest. Even though she had become the Crown Princess, she found an interesting business after reviewing some documents, not false, because there were no other sanctions for doing her own business. And no one knew that all the business Aria had worked for was a great success, so it was enough for the noble ladies to put down their pride and bury it.

“… What kind of business is it?”

“I am curious.”

Several noble ladies asked Aria about the business she was interested in, and this fixed their eyes on Aria, quietly affirming as if other noble ladies were the same.

Aria, facing the look, said with a gentle smile. “I should tell you that you’re curious. It’s a project to collect new jewelry from special places.”

“New jewelry?”

“Yes, it is said to be a jewel as beautiful as the sea. You can grind the jewelry and scatter them on your hair or dress to give off a subtle glow.”

The jewel, as beautiful as the sea, was a priceless treasure to be collected from the sea. Because they were only found deep in the water, it was impossible to collect them without special technology and devices.

Aria, of course, did not confirm for sure but decided that it would not be much different from what was written in the letter because the person who proposed the project was none other than the owner of the jewelry store.

Even so, the jewelry store’s owner would have no difficulty in collecting and selling jewelry alone without getting investment. Nevertheless, the reason why he had sent the business plan in the letter and asked for help was quite obvious.

‘He’s thinking of taking advantage of my reputation.’

Jewels invested by the Crown Princess; Jewels worn by the Crown Princess…

He could probably get a few times more expensive than the right price. It would also be easy to interact with other countries.

She had thought she’d refuse it because he had planned to use herself to make profits several times, but she had replied that she’d soon look at the real thing and make a decision.

‘If it was a business for the common people, I would have refused, but it was a business for the nobles.’

The money of the nobles was overflowing. Furthermore, many nobles found it a pleasure to buy and show off something a little more expensive and rare than others had.

‘So, wouldn’t it be appropriate to offer expensive and precious items as they wish? By investing the money I earn through the investment for the common people, I will be able to protect the dignity of the Crown Princess.’

“Have you seen it yourself?”

“No, I’ll see it this time.”

“Ah… I see.” The noble ladies’ eyes quickly clouded by the news that she had not seen yet.

‘What a fool.’ Aria released another valuable piece of information to give them hope. “But I think it’s a very beautiful jewel. It’s a secret, but… because the man who sent the letter runs the largest jewelry store in the empire. He would not have talked nonsense because he has a sharp eye.”

‘The person who runs the largest jewelry store in the empire?’ The eyes of the noble ladies began to shine again because they seemed to recognize him, though she had not mentioned where the jeweler was or had not mentioned his name.

“… When can we see it on the market?”

“Well, I’ll have to see him first. No matter how trustworthy he is, I can’t confirm my investment until I see it.”

“Are you going to call him to the Imperial Castle?”

“I suppose so. I still don’t have much time to go out. I’ll have to look at it closely.”

At her answer, the noble ladies began to drink tea, clearing their throats for nothing. They seemed to want to see first before coming out in the market. They looked impatient to ask her to call them again.

“I’ve heard that since the collecting site is a special place, it is edible in a small amount. Besides, it will be perfect for decorating.”

At the words, Countess Corgiene opened her eyes wide. It was because her husband, Count Corgiene, had a business selling jewelry or gold-sprayed desserts. Of course, as he even used bad jewelry not to be edible, they had only been used as decorations to entertain parties, not for the purpose of cooking. Nevertheless, the price was higher than the gems, so they had no difference from expensive ornaments. But the edible jewelry?

“I’m really looking forward seeing it because it has many colors.”

“… Your Highness the Crown Princess!”

When the last piece of information was leaked for her, Countess Corgiene called Aria in a very impatient voice. She didn’t say anything else, but she seemed to be called in as soon as the jewels entered the Imperial Castle.

“Oh, I’m afraid I’ll have to finish today’s conversation now. I still have a lot of business under review.”

‘But I can’t. If I give you an easy answer, it’s not fun to make you roll on my palm.’ As Aria announced the end of the conversation, there was regret on the faces of the noble ladies.

Although they received information, they only got a few. Still, the information was not negligible, and because Aria left an aftertaste to release the information that would benefit them, they were more anxious.

“It is a little short meeting, but it’s not your first time to see me, so I’ll see you next time.”

Aria, who had planted a glimmer of hope for the noble ladies, left the garden without regret. She didn’t even look at the noble ladies who were quick to salute her who was leaving. Though she had acted rudely from beginning to end, no one complained to Aria. Rather, they had a very bright look on their faces in hopes she had instilled in them at the end.

‘I’ve been too much tender after the revenge, even though it is most effective to coax them on the premise of benefit, whether they are originally a noble or a commoner. Even if they are a family, they can betray one another, but they don’t do that if they have some relationship in money and benefits, as long as they can gain profits.’ And it was also best suited for Aria.

Jessie’s eyes were a bit uneasy as she looked at Aria, who had unilaterally ended the conversation. In the past and in the present, she was always full of worries about Aria.

It was partly because Aria had taught her a lesson that people could betray at any time, using Mielle. Aria said nothing to Jessie because it was easier to cope with the crisis when she was worried than just being optimistic.

Unlike Jessie, Annie looked triumphant. She seemed pleased that Aria had made the arrogant noble ladies quiet in a few words. It was the same with Ruby. Aria had been showing only benevolence ever since she had entered the Imperial Castle, so Ruby had no idea that it would be so easy to solve it.

“What is left now is the servants?”

Punishment remained for fools who dared to talk rashly about what happened in the Imperial Castle. She wanted to find them one by one and make them pay for it, but she couldn’t find all the numerous servants that spread across the Imperial Castle, so she decided to let it go quietly just once.

If she found each of them and scold them, she would only get the stigma of being the Crown Princess who tormented the servants. Rather, it was better to raise the value of Jessie and Annie so that no more backbiting could come up.
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