The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass - Chapter 280 - Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part III

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Chapter 280: Chapter 280. Extra Story III: A Wicked Woman Is A Wicked Woman Forever, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor Group: Liber Reverie

“Yes, they were the maids from the mansion of the former Count, so they didn’t even know what to do. So I wanted them to adjust themselves to the Imperial Castle, while I was studying… Wasn’t that right?”

Aria asked as if she knew nothing, and a pity crossed the face of the nobleman. It was also the face of her maids making very big mistakes. Aria, feeling uneasy about this, struggled to open her furrowed forehead and asked the nobleman again. She didn’t know what was going on, but she had a hunch that she would have to solve it quickly.

“So let me know if you know anything. If anything happened… It’s awful. I brought them here, so I have to take care of them.”

‘How could anyone not want to help her when she said, worrying about her maids would solve problems if anything happened without knowing anything about them?’ Moreover, contrary to the rumors of the distant past, it was Aria, who was favored by the people of the Imperial Castle with kindness and benevolence. It was natural to confide in everything he knew.

Of course, that was why there were people who dared to speak out about Jessie and Annie who she had brought in.

“Well, actually…”

The aristocrat opened his mouth to the questions of Aria that followed several times, and the expression of Aria after hearing that became cold right away.

* * *

“There are rumors that the maids, who the Crown Princess brought in, are doing something beyond what they’re supposed to do, not knowing who they are. They wear fancy dresses, they have tea time, and they play aristocrats. There’s also a rumor that all the expenses come out of your pocket… There are not a few people who see them with an ax-eyed eye.”

Aria, who recalled what the nobleman had said a little while ago, took a sip of the new tea the maid had poured. It was a very elegant and noble gesture.

As Aria drank tea, the noble ladies on the opposite side also picked up their tea with a very graceful gesture. They looked happy as the ban on visits ended, which had been temporarily imposed due to the plot of Lane and the misunderstanding of Asher, ended.

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment… I’m so surprised not to see Your Highness the Crown Princess.”

“So am I. You are the very person I can’t easily see. So I was surprised when a visit ban was issued.”

“Me too. It’s a little late, but it’s an honor to meet you like this.”

Some of their favorite maids were waiting for the noisy noble ladies. Unlike other maids who did chores, they were handsomely dressed. They were the children of a noble family who had little power. They volunteered for their families to become maids of powerful families.

One of those maids had met eyes with Aria, who was drinking tea. Aria looked so clear that she felt Aria’s eyes, so the maid turned away her gaze.

As if she did not dare to see the Crown Princess, she smiled and bowed her head to take a courtesy. It was a very natural routine for her to flatter others. It wasn’t bad to change her face skillfully for her future.

“What a beautiful child they are.”

As Aria opened her mouth while looking at the maid, one of the noble ladies smiled with great pride and affirmed.

“Is that what you see, Your Highness the Crown Princess? How can I be so happy? She’s my favorite.”

In the past, Aria had had little interaction with women and had been treated with contempt and had never thought of it because she had been a member of a rich family, but it was natural to increase personal connections with a combination of a pretty maid and a noble lady in power.

Even though her status was a noble, if she was a girl from a powerless family, she was able to gain power with the support of a noble lady, and for the noble lady, she had her own kind of person and could increase her force. It was called mutual help.

“Yes, she looks smart and can be a great help to you in the future.”

“As you tell me that, I am deeply ashamed of myself.”

The praised lady blushed a little to not fit for her character.

“Isn’t it your wish for her to have a happy future?”

“Yes, there is nothing better than when a child I like is happy.”

This was the same for Aria. And for herself, the children were Jessie and Annie. She hoped that the girls, who had helped her, get to this position would be happy.

Of course, she was a little affectionate and interested in Jessie who had never changed, but she didn’t intend to abandon Annie, who had the same kind of character she had. She must be the one who would help her in the future because she had a character who had no hesitation to fill her self-interest.

“I suppose everyone is the same.”

“… That’s right.”

“I’m sure you are the same, right?”

When Aria said that to the other woman, she nodded as if it was right.


“What about you?”

“Yes? Oh, yes. Of course.”

“What about you?”

“… Of course, so am I.”

As the same question continued, the noble ladies had a look that she was really strange. It was a simple and strange conversation that was not appropriate for the noble ladies to share. So they were wondering, and Aria, with a different expression, said with a straight face,

“But why are they gossiping about my favorite girls?”


“… Yes?”

There was a momentary silence in the lobby. To ask what she meant, it had been long ago that rumors about the Crown Princess’s maids had already passed beyond the Imperial Castle.

There was no one who did not curse Jessie and Annie, who dishonored the name of Aria, who had won the love of all and ascended to the throne. It was the same for the noble ladies who were now here.

Surprised by Aria’s sudden remarks and cold eyes, the noble ladies closed their mouths with their eyes wide open. Because of her cold expression, they seemed to be unable to close their mouths.

Some people even blinked, thinking if she was the real Crown Princess. Even though she couldn’t understand how the Crown Princess looked at them with such a hideous look, they couldn’t bring up a proper word. That sudden change in Aria’s expression was enough to shock the noble ladies.


Aria, who had been leisurely spending time, taking a sip of tea, made a friendly and gentle expression again as if she had never had a cold face. She shouldn’t get angry in a hurry. Now this was just a warning. It had to be collected at this point.

“Oh, I made a mistake. I’m not saying that you did. I just heard some backbiting that followed. I wonder why only my maids are being gossiped about when all of you are making such a generous, unsparing investment in them. How odd is that?”

“… Ah…”


Of course, the answer was fixed. Just as Aria had been humiliated for no reason in the past, the reason Jessie and Annie had to hear some backbiting was because they were from humble origins, even though they had Aria’s permission.

‘It’s more than just ignoring Jessie and Annie, and it’s turned out to be ignoring me.’

‘I can’t let it go. No, I will not let it go. If I pretend to be good like Mielle, it won’t be any good to me.’ Aria put down the cup she held in her hand. Then she wiped her mouth with a handkerchief her maid handed over to mark the end of the short meeting.

“I don’t feel well. I have to get up now.”

‘We have finally met the Crown Princess after waiting for a long time. We can’t believe that she’ll be ending this meeting even though nothing’s started yet.’ When Aria said that she would end the meeting in ten minutes at most, their expressions disappeared from their faces.

‘However, what can we say as the Crown Princess says that she doesn’t feel good?’ Besides, they were the ones who saw Aria’s face, which was colder than ice, even though it was only a moment. It seemed to be an illusion, but it was a very cold face that they didn’t want to see again.

‘Maybe she’s really not feeling well. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t manage her facial expressions.’ The noble ladies managed to understand that it would not be a rebuke to them and asked her to call them back next time.

“I hope you get well soon.”

“I hope to see the healthy Crown Princess next time”
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