Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint - Chapter 416 - The Secretive Plotter (1)

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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Author:Sing-Shong

Chapter 416: Episode 79 – The Secretive Plotter (1)

Two days passed by since the end of the ‘Great War of Saints and Demons’.

The nightmare-filled ‘Isle of Reincarnators’ could no longer be seen; Constellations were gradually leaving the Ark for their rightful spots in the night sky.

– This stop is for <Olympus>.

Constellations from <Olympus> stood up from their seats after the ship made the announcement. Dionysus, standing as their representative, shifted his gaze over to Jeong Hui-Won and addressed her. [My apologies for leaving first, even though this is a difficult period for you.]

“No, we’ll be fine, thank you.”

[Do not be overly worried, however. He’s no ordinary Constellation, after all. Without a doubt, he’s still alive.]

He lightly tapped her shoulder and soon, disappeared beyond the Dark Dimension while leading other Constellations. She stood there and silently waited until they were gone from her view before climbing down from the bow of the Ark. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she found a person waiting for her – Han Su-Yeong.


“He left.”

“Both Cheok Jun-Gyeong and the <Underworld>, too?”

“I think they’ll be leaving pretty soon.”

“And Uriel?”

Han Su-Yeong continued to ask, and Jeong Hui-Won continued to answer. Most of what they chatted about were trivial information, stuff like Hades and Persephone, Uriel, Cheok Jun-Gyeong’s abode, etc. Some who would be leaving, some who would be staying, some who would accompany them…. A part of the info was about the matters everyone knew already. The thing was, though, it was not really important whether someone knew this or that.

“Ha-Yeong-ee is still completely worn out and teacher-nims are helping her out by performing ‘Chu-gung-gwa-hyeol’.” (TL note at the end)

“And Ji-Hye?”

“At the back, fixing her battleship.”

“What about Yi Hyeon-Seong?”

One would ask, while the other would answer. They walked on the corridors of the Ark and repeated this process. It was as if they wouldn’t be able to hold back even for a second by not doing it.

“What about the kids?”

“Well, they…..”

Before Jeong Hui-Won could finish her sentence, they heard the kids’ voices coming out from one of the cabins lining up the corridor.

– I knew it. I gotta sign the contract with the darkness right now so I can get my revenge for hyung….

– Revenge? What revenge? Ahjussi is definitely alive. I can feel it.

– ….Well, uh, I also knew that. If it’s Dok-Ja hyung, he’s definitely….!

– You need to wake up already. We need to come up with a sound plan right now.

Jeong Hui-Won’s and Han Su-Yeong’s steps came to a halt at the same time as if they had promised to do so. They listened to the kids’ conversation. Those two were bawling uncontrollably only the day before. However, the two of them, as they appeared through the cabin’s window, were….

“…I guess they will be fine, after all,” said Jeong Hui-Won.

Han Su-Yeong waited for a beat before asking her. “What about you, then?”

The latter didn’t reply. Instead, her gaze slowly faltered. The former stopped looking at her conversation partner, and shifted her own gaze lower, too.

Jeong Hui-Won opened her lips eventually. “He asked me to save him.”


“He pleaded with me to rescue him.”

She tightly clenched her fist. They didn’t need to stare at each other to feel this emotion resonating between them.

It sounded as if dry rain was falling somewhere; Han Su-Yeong listened to that noise impassively, before speaking up. “We’ll have a lot of things to do when we get back.”

“…Right. I know.” Jeong Hui-Won rubbed her face with her sleeves and smiled weakly. “For the time being, we should go back to Seoul, right?”

“We should.”

“There will definitely be some bastards aiming for Seoul now that Dok-Ja-ssi has disappeared. And we’ll have to sort out the law and order back home, too.”

“Who’ll tell Yi Su-Gyeong, though?”

“That, well….”

The two women stopped talking and stared at the empty space for a while. The first person to break the silence was Han Su-Yeong. “I wish we still had Yu Sang-Ah with us in times like these.”

“….I miss Sang-Ah-ssi.”

They had lost far too much getting here.

Their gazes shifted outside the window to see the passing view of the Dark Dimension. They saw the stars on the faraway galaxies sparkle softly.

The universe wouldn’t be destroyed just because a single star suddenly vanished. There was a countless number of them, and their light would continue to exist afterward, too.

But for those living on a certain planet, that particular star would be everything they knew about the light itself.

Han Su-Yeong did her best not to look at Jeong Hui-Won’s reflection on the window. The latter muttered in the meantime. “Just what on earth has happened to Dok-Ja-ssi?”

The former didn’t reply and began walking again. Not too long afterward, they arrived at the last cabin in the corridor. They quietly opened the door and entered to find Yu Jung-Hyeok wrapped from head to toe in bandages lying on a bed.

Han Su-Yeong spoke as she rummaged through her inner pockets to find a lemon candy. “….We should be able to find out once this idiot wakes up.”


This happened back when I was still in the middle of reading the ‘Ways of Survival’.

I was scrolling down the chapter, fully satisfied knowing that I had completed the day’s work, only to discover something written on the [Author’s words] corner at the bottom.

– Dok-Ja-nim, what do you think?

I’ve already forgotten what that question related to. It might have been about the plot development, or he might be implying something about the novel itself. Now, how did I answer him back then?

– Mm. Well, such a simple twist is a bit….

– You thought so, too?

I was startled anew by this portion of my memories. Did something like this really happen? I remembered so well about the ‘Ways of Survival’ itself, so why have I completely forgotten about this part of the memories? I couldn’t understand it at all.

Right, now that I looked back, the author did chat with me every once in a while, didn’t he?

As for me, I wrote comments to engage the author; most of the time, it was to cheer him on, or to ask questions regarding the next regression turn, but sometimes, I did try to tackle him over the novel, too.

I think it was around when Yu Jung-Hyeok had just gone past the 600th turn.

I just couldn’t understand something about the novel no matter how hard I thought about it, so I end up arguing with the author through the comment section.

– Author-nim. Was that a typo? How can Jung-Hyeok-ee smile brightly?

‘tls123’ replied back.

– Anyone would change like that after regressing over 600 times.

I thought that the answer kind of made sense after hearing it. And that must’ve been the first time that I began thinking earnestly about the number of times Yu Jung-Hyeok had regressed.

Regressing over 600 times, was it. What did life even mean to a being that had to repeat such a life over and over again?

?Kim Dok Ja, wa ke up.?

Dull pain pulsed inside my head and my consciousness returned gradually. My body felt lethargic, and terrible pain buzzed from all corners of my Incarnation flesh. I barely managed to tear my eyes open, and the faint rays of light pierced into my eyes.

And then, a familiar voice came flying in my ear.

“Looks like he’s finally woken up.”

Yup, he just couldn’t be nice about it, now could he.

I smirked a little and shifted my head in the direction of the voice.

However, something…. seemed off.

“So, this fool is that Kim Dok-Ja?”

By the time I fully opened my eyes, I discovered myself surrounded by countless Yu Jung-Hyeoks.


I needed another ten minutes or so to regain my consciousness again.

I had blacked out once more, and after waking up, kept my eyes closed and tried really hard to figure out what the heck was going on here. At least, I needed to get a bead on the current situation.

Firstly, the ‘Great War of Saints and Demons’ was over.

I was certain of that; messages waiting in the log proved that fact, at least.

[You have acquired the Great Fable, ‘Season of Light and Darkness’!]

[Your third Great Fable has completed its ‘Climax/轉’!]

[Third condition for the hidden scenario – the ‘One Single Fable’, has been met!]

[Final Fable is waiting for you.]

[The entirety of <Star Stream> is set abuzz over your achievement!]

[Majority of <Star Stream>’s Constellations are now paying attention to your Nebula!]

[Regarding your Fable, the absolute majority of the Constellations are….]

I had finally completed the ‘One Single Fable’s Climax/轉. The energy belonging to an unimaginably enormous Fable was now roiling powerfully inside me.

The Great Fable, the ?Season of Light and Darkness.?

It was my first time hearing about such a Great Fable. But that made sense – the collision of the Nameless Mist and the Apocalypse Dragon didn’t occur in the original story, after all…. With that as the starting point, the entire world-line should begin experiencing sudden and violent change.

The march towards the apocalypse had sped up, so it was only obvious that the rate of the entire scenario’s progress would speed up as well.

Secondly, someone did rescue me.

My problem began from this point on. Just who did save me?

“It’s no use pretending to be unconscious.”

As an aside, the very last face I saw was that of Yu Jung-Hyeok’s, coming to save me. So, maybe it was obvious that I’d end up seeing his face now.

But, uh, the problem was….

“Not just his dumb looks, but it seems that even his head is dumb.”

“Just like what I’ve heard.”

….Why were there so, so many ‘Yu Jung-Hyeoks’ in this place??

Not only that…

In complete stupefaction, I gazed at the five, six ‘kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeoks’ currently standing around on top of the bed. Without a doubt, they were Yu Jung-Hyeoks, but all of them were… big-headed chibis with short limbs and about the same size as Kyrgios. (TL: ‘Kkoma: an informal Korean word denoting a child, or in this case, a chibi-like figure.)

….Am I still dreaming??

Right, this had to be a dream. Right, the stress he put me under every single day had piled up and must’ve caused this horrifying delusion. That had to be it. I hurriedly slapped my cheeks, prompting the kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeoks to speak one after the other.

“He must think this is a dream. Like a fool.”

“He may need some time to figure out his current situation first.”

“What an annoying bastard. Do we need to wait for him, then?”

I cleanly ignored them and scanned the room I was in. It was a huge circular-shaped room; everything, including the table, the chairs, the other smaller knick-knacks, and even the bed I was sitting on, was circular-shaped.

….Where the hell was I?

I thought hard and long, but nothing came up. A room with such peculiar furnishing would be more than memorable enough, but I couldn’t remember ever reading about it in the ‘Ways of Survival’.

Wondering if I stumbled into an area for a new scenario accidentally, I summoned the scenario window, only to be smacked in the head with the following message.

[Currently, <Star Stream> is in the middle of scenario system maintenance.]

Meaning, there was pretty much nothing I could learn in my current situation.

“Looks like he’s almost done with analysing his situation.”

“I shall ask again. Are you the one called Kim Dok-Ja?”

The kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeok with a hot-tempered facial expression asked me. Now that I took a closer look, there were different numbered cards stuck to the chest of each kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeok, and the one who asked me just now had [999] written on his.

I decided to answer them for the time being. “Correct. I’m Kim Dok-Ja.”

The kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeoks looked at each other and nodded their heads simultaneously. These little guys, even though they were much smaller than the original, they acted exactly the same as Yu Jung-Hyeok.

“Looks like the correct one has been brought over, then.”

Even the voice was the same, too….

I didn’t know what was going on here, but by this time, I had to accept it. I was not stuck in a dream. And thanks to some unknown crazy whims of the Probability, I somehow ended up in a strange, fantastical kingdom where kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeoks lived.

“Who are you guys?”

I decided to ask them first. I knew that they wouldn’t answer me straightforward if they were anything like the original Yu Jung-Hyeok, but still. One of the kkomas began muttering out. “How pathetic. Can’t you tell by looking?”

Yup, thought as much. If I was to be stuck in a world like this, then I’d have preferred to be surrounded by the kind, gentle kkoma version of Yu Sang-Ah, instead. I was wondering how should I retort back in order to hear a proper answer from these guys, but then, the ‘Yu Jung-Hyeok’ with [888] written on his card spoke some rather unexpected words. “With your dull head, you’d never arrive at the correct answer no matter how long you agonise over it. So, I shall tell you. We are a part of the ‘great Plotter’.”

….Great Plotter? Could it be?

A chilly sensation flitted in and out of my head just then.

The ‘Yu Jung-Hyeok’ with [777] on his chest must’ve interpreted my silence on his own way and spoke in a mocking tone. “Your pathetic intelligence shouldn’t be enough to understand it now.”

Right, these guys, they were definitely Yu Jung-Hyeok. There was absolutely no doubt about that now.

“If you’re fully awake, then get up. Someone is waiting for you.”

“Who’s waiting for me?”

“You’ll see when you get there.”

I got up unsteadily and followed after that kkoma. The round door opened up and a huge corridor appeared before me. The one to take the lead was the kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeok number [999]. I followed him. The rest of the kkomas trotted after us, too.

I asked one of them. “What is this place?”

That prompted one of the Yu Jung-Hyeoks following me to speak up. “Eun gui ei soup.”

“What was that?”

“It means, the N’Gai’s Forest. You’re supposed to be a prophet, yet you can’t even tell that?”

What the hell. Why did you say that in English, then? (TL note at the end.)

The kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeok number [666] glared at me as if he was disappointed and turned his head away, obviously unhappy.

It was around then I began thinking that maybe, those numbers represented the regression turns each Yu Jung-Hyeok had lived through.

….What did Yu Jung-Hyeok do around the 666th turn? Was that when he partnered up with the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon?

I spotted the view of a silver forest outside the windows lining up the corridor. N’Gai’s Forest, was it? Sounded familiar, as if I had heard about it somewhere. However, I wasn’t sure whether this place ever appeared within the ‘Ways of Survival’….

It was then when our group encountered another one walking towards from the other side of the corridor.

[So, is he the one the Plotter had brought along?]

No, could I even describe their movements as ‘walking’?

Overcome with the sensation of all the hair on my body standing up, I subconsciously gripped the hilt of my [Unbreakable Faith] tighter.

Because, ‘Outer Gods’ were walking towards us from the opposite side.

Existences that emitted auras incomparably more unstable and ominous than any Constellations. One of them sported a horse’s head, while others were monstrous creatures covered in disgusting-looking tentacles. Those tentacles extending up to the air seemed to tilt their ‘heads’ for a bit, before shuffling closer to my direction. No matter who looked at that, they wouldn’t be able to describe their intentions as friendly at all.

Unexpectedly, the one to step in their paths was none other than the kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeok number [999].

“He’s our guest. Don’t even think about harassing him.”

[But, it should not be a problem just to have a little chat?]

“I shan’t permit it.”

The kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeok number [999] declared as thus, and unsheathed the miniature version of [Heaven Shaking Sword] from his back.

Following that, the kkomas numbers [888], [777], and even the number [666], they all unsheathed their weapons mounted on their backs and hips.

….These guys, could they even really fight? I mean, they all kind of looked like action figures, so….

Maybe the other party thought the same as me, because they began emitting stubbornly persistent hostile aura towards us.

[How dare you… Just because you’re the dependents of the ‘great Plotter’….]

As the stand-off quickly became even more volatile and the tentacles and the kkomas were about to start fighting, a loud ‘Thud’ resounded out from somewhere. Outer Gods busy wiggling their tentacles about suddenly all knelt down.

The only one among them still standing was the horse-head that showed animosity towards me.


Another ‘Thud’ resounded out. Finally, even the horse-head had to slam its head on the floor. Those tremors couldn’t have been a simple shockwaves of an earthquake.

No, someone was intimidating these Outer Gods with incredible Status right now.

[Wu, wuwu…..]

Outer Gods groaned in pain and moved out of the way. At the end of the corridor, there was an entrance leading to a huge hall. It was an open-type, with the massive circular ceiling decorated by the tumbling, roiling branches of trees. I walked into this hall accompanied by the kkoma Yu Jung-Hyeoks.

Thin rays of sunlight permeating in between the branches illuminated an ancient, worn-out throne right in the middle of that great hall.

No one needed to tell me, but I knew it right away. The being sitting on that throne, he was the king of this forest.

Not only that, I knew who he was already, too.

The scar on his face, revealed under the faint rays of the sun, and the exact same white coat as mine.

The being I thought I’d not get to meet again was sitting right on that throne.

[It’s been a while, Kim Dok-Ja.]

<Episode 79. The Secretive Plotter (1)> Fin.
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